Since I myself am a dentist, I am very selective about the level of dental care I receive. I am familiar with many dentists, both as colleagues and friends, and I choose Dr. Javdan as my own dentist for the following reason: He is an exceptional dentist with superb skill. As a dentist, Dr. Javdan treats patients with gentleness and kindness. I trust Dr. Javdan with my dental health.”

-Dr. Lauri Malter, Clinical Instructor, UCLA School of Dentistry

“After visiting Dr. Javdan at Beverly Hills Family Dental Group, I learned how affordable and accessible cosmetic dentistry is, even for the common working man. A bright, perfect smile is not just for the wealthy.”

-Joseph J., Los Angeles, California

“With just two appointments to Beverly Hills Family Dental Group, Dr. Javdan was able to correct the gaps in my smile. Dr. Javdan really values the time of his patients. My one regret is that I didn’t go to Dr. Javdan sooner so he could improve my smile!”

-Shawn B., Beverly Hills, California

“Dr. Javdan took the time to listen to my concerns and fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of all my treatment options. He helped me make informed choices about my own dental health.”

-Miriam M., Bel Air, California

“Dr. Javdan improved my smile in dramatic and lasting ways. I don’t feel embarrassed to smile anymore because of unattractive teeth. I wish I had decided to let Dr. Javdan change my life 20 years ago. Now I understand how easy cosmetic dentistry can be.”

-Cyrous G. Beverly Hills, California

“I had a very positive experience at Beverly Hills Family Dental Group thanks to Dr. Javdan and his friendly, professional staff. My friends gave me lots of compliments on my smile after I had Zoom one-hour whitening treatment. I definitely recommend Dr. Javdan and just wish I had visited him earlier.”

-Angela B. Santa Monica, California

“From early childhood, I have feared the dentist and never kept up on getting the dental treatment I needed. Because of this, my dental health deteriorated. Dr. Javdan put me completely at ease with his gentle approach, and his caring staff made me feel comfortable throughout the treatment process. Thank you, Dr. Javdan, for my beautiful smile.”

-Naima K. Los Angeles, California