How Your Medication Affects Your Teeth

Many people don’t realize that the medication they take actually affects their teeth but, in fact, it does.  Most medications decrease your saliva production, which results in dry mouth and a reduced ability to wash away plaque and debris on your teeth.  Other drugs can irritate your gums, resulting in sores, discoloration, bleeding, and/or inflammation.  If you take aspirin or anticoagulants to treat these problems, they can actually make them worse because they increase the chance of bleeding.  Medications such as the antibiotic tertracycline can even cause permanent stains on your teeth, depending on your circumstances.

Please let your Beverly Hills dentist know immediately if you are taking medication and experiencing any of these symptoms.  As a trained and experienced dentist, he can offer solutions to your dental problems.  Call Dr. Javdan today to receive the best quality care in the area.