How Does Dental Hygiene Relate to Your Overall Health?

Do you know how closely your oral health and your overall health are related?  While they don’t really seem to be at first, recent studies have shown that they are linked together far more closely than was originally thought.  Because the blood vessels in the brain and heart are closely related to the tissues in the mouth, any untreated problems that occur within the mouth could possibly move through the blood to these other areas of the body.

Patients who neglect their oral health are putting themselves at risk for more respiratory infections, pregnancy difficulties, and blood sugar issues, as well as loss of memory, blood clots, and heart disease.  These problems are serious but can potentially be avoided with regular checkups with Dr. Javdan, your dentist in Los Angeles, and by maintaining a good home dental health routine.  Dr. Javdan and his team invites you to call today to schedule your next appointment and restore your dental health.