Kor Whitening

At our LA teeth whitening office, our teeth whitening dental expert, Dr. David Javdan, is proud to be one of the very few cosmetic dentists in the Los Angeles and LA county areas to perform Kor deep bleaching teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Los Angeles Dentist, Dr. David Javdan, has performed numerous cosmetic teeth whitening and tooth bleaching treatments which have surpassed expectations of numerous hard-to-please patients. In our Los Angeles teeth whitening dental office, Dr. David Javdan’s top concerns are the patient’s safety, strict sterilization, and comfort. He creates a pain free process while achieving outstanding teeth whitening or teeth bleaching results.

Dr. Javdan strives to provide the most advanced treatment options to his patients. If you live in the LA area, we invite you to visit us for the cosmetic dental service, Kor Whitening, at Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group.

Kor Whitening, or deep bleaching, is an effective whitening method to brighten your smile with dramatic results. The Kor whitening system is unique in that it involves sealing out saliva and sulcular fluid found in the mouth, which can render the whitening process less effective. Consequently, Kor whitening gel remains active for a full six hours after application, in contrast to the usual 30-35 minutes of traditional whitening gels.

How does Kor Whitening work?

The Kor Whitening system is successful because it makes use of the teeth’s natural capacity of absorbing oxygen. After the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, the oxygen in the gel penetrates the tooth, and in the process, stains are dissolved.

Will I need to regularly whiten my teeth with Kor?

Because the Kor Whitening system is permanent, frequent re-applications are not necessary. Kor delivers superior results that last with regular home maintenance, unlike other whitening and bleaching methods.

Is whitening safe for my teeth?

Whitening gels are clinically approved and have been used safely by millions of individuals, resulting in no harm to the teeth. The process of whitening the teeth and the products used are completely safe.

Why does Kor involve a refrigeration process?

We are unique in using an innovative refrigeration process to preserve the stability and effectiveness of the bleaching gel. Bleaching gels are by nature changeable chemicals, which makes them useful in penetrating stains and discoloration on teeth; however, this same instability makes for a chemical that degenerates at lower temperatures, such as during storage or transportation. The end result is bleaching gel that whitens with less dramatic results. Kor is refrigerated from the time of manufacture to the time of application, preserving maximum effectiveness.

Will Kor cause tooth sensitivity?

Unlike other whitening systems, Kor was specifically designed to avoid the discomfort that many patients feel during the whitening process. Our product has been developed with extensive clinical testing and research, enabling us to introduce a gel that results in little, if any, tooth sensitivity.

Does age affect the whitening capacity of teeth?

Generally, younger patients receive more dramatic results with whitening. However, Kor Whitening offers maximum effectiveness and will visibly brighten the smile of patients of any age. The Kor system will counteract the effects of age on the color of the tooth for a brilliant smile.

How effective is the Kor system?

Kor delivers dramatic results in brightening the color of teeth, and can even lighten the teeth by 16 shades. While each individual is different, the Kor system will create whiter teeth for any smile. Kor even dissolves tetracycline stains on the teeth with unparalleled effectiveness.

Does whitening make teeth look unnatural?

Kor whitening brings out the natural beauty of teeth. White is the original color of teeth. Stains and discoloration due to aging can taint the brilliance of a smile. These blemishes are effectively counteracted by the Kor whitening system, restoring and enhancing what nature has intended for teeth.

How does whitening affect crowns, fillings, and veneers?

Restorations will not whiten along with the natural tooth. If veneers, fillings, or crowns are visible when you smile, you may need to have them replaced after whitening.

Will tea, red wine, coffee, and smoking stain my teeth after I receive Kor Whitening?

You can prevent staining by easy maintenance of your whitened smile. Kor will help keep your teeth bright and attractive.

Is the Kor whitening system unsafe and uncomfortable to use while I sleep?

The Kor system uses thin trays that fit easily over the teeth. You can conveniently whiten your smile while you sleep so you don’t have to interrupt your busy schedule to get a bright, beautiful smile. The Kor system surpasses the traditional tray bleaching method by ensuring the process is comfortable for you by sealing the bleaching gel in the tray.

What makes Kor Whitening different from other deep bleaching systems?

The Kor Whitening system uses custom trays for your teeth that are molded to fit your unique smile. After a visit to Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group, you will receive you Kor whitening tray to use while you sleep for a two-week period at home. A final visit with Dr. Javdan will complete the process and ensure you have achieved the results you seek.

Dr. Javdan is proud to serve residents from all around Los Angeles. Call to set up an appointment with Dr. Javdan at Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group and begin achieving a bright, beautiful smile!