Home Whitening

Would you like to whiten your smile in the comfort and convenience of your own home? Dr. Javdan provides a variety of whitening options at Beverly Hills Family Dentistry located in the Los Angeles area so you can achieve the results you want in the way you want.

How can I benefit from whitening my teeth?

Discoloration resulting from red wine, smoking, and tobacco use can result in a smile that is less attractive than it otherwise might be. As we age, the shade of our teeth may darken. At Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group, Dr. Javdan offers superior cosmetic dental care to brighten your teeth for a gorgeous smile. Our take-home whitening treatments include Opalescence, Kor, and Zoom.

What are the advantages of at-home whitening?

At-home whitening is a more convenient alternative to in-office whitening treatments. Instead of scheduling an appointment and going in to the office, you can bleach your teeth on your schedule in the privacy of your own home.

How does home whitening work?

At Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group, we offer home whitening solutions for our patients to achieve a brighter smile in the comfort of their own homes. Our at-home whitening treatment involves the use of custom trays specially designed to fit your individual smile. For the easiest and most effective results, we recommend you wear the bleaching trays at night. In the morning, you will notice a visibly whiter smile! You will not have to stop during your busy day to whiten your smile. We recommend that you maintain your new shade through regular re-applications. For more information about home whitening options at Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group, please give us a call.

Patients from the Los Angeles area are welcome to Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group. Dr. Javdan looks forward to meeting with you and improving your smile!