Sedation Dentistry

Countless Americans avoid visiting the dentist because of fear. Many had very negative experiences as children at a dental office. Others associate physical pain with dental care. Some are affected by the negative portrayal of dentistry in movies or stories. Whatever the reason, it is unfortunate when people neglect their dental well being because of fear or anxiety. Sedation dentistry offers a better option for those who suffer from fear about visiting the dentist. Thanks to advances in the dental field, many new techniques are available to make your dental treatment a completely relaxed experience. Dr. Javdan has received advanced training to give you the option of a stress-free dental visit. Dr. Javdan knows that too many individuals fear receiving the dental treatment they need. As a sedation dentist, he uses medication that is commonly prescribed to calm the people he treats. These sedatives are safe and effective and have been used on millions of people with great results. If you have been procrastinating receiving effective dental care because of fear or nervousness, visit our LA sedation dentist, Dr. Javdan, for a relaxed dental appointment.