Holistic Dentistry

As a mainstream dentist, Dr. Javdan takes a holistic view in practicing dentistry. He offers comprehensive dental care to give you many options. He will discuss with you all your alternative for your dental procedure and the associated benefits. Dr. Javdan does not use mercury for any of his dental treatments. Instead, he  uses the modern alternatives to metal materials. Dr. Javdan is committed to staying current in the latest dental treatments and advancements. Holistic dentistry is concerned with the health o the whole body. It involves both dental knowledge and systemic health. The body is not just a single entity—it is composed of parts, with each part needing optimal health for full functionality. This is compatible with the latest understanding of modern dentistry, which recognizes a connection between oral health and overall health. For instance, periodontal disease has an impact on the health of your heart and can affect your systemic well-being.

Unlike other dentists, Dr. Javdan will never give you an amalgam filling that contains harmful mercury. Dr. Javdan offers amalgam removal services so you can be free of the harmful effects of metal in your mouth. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Javdan’s goal is to make your dental experience pleasant and effective.