At-Home Dental Hygiene

Brushing teeth is a habit most of us don’t think about. We just do it each day. Yet there are a few ways to ensure you are brushing with optimum efficiency. First, choose a toothpaste that is suited to your particular dental needs. An effective toothpaste, combined with proper tooth brushing technique, will minimize your risk for tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, and the loss of teeth. Fluoride toothpaste can help strengthen teeth and make them less susceptible to decay. Some toothpastes contain special polishing ingredients to promote the removal of plaque and discoloration over time. An effective toothpaste will give you a fresh, clean feeling in your mouth for at least an hour.

Choosing Your Toothpaste

Toothpastes come in a wide range of flavors. They are also available in gel or paste form. Choose a toothpaste compatible with your preferences. Talk to your dentist about the advantages of various active ingredients to select a toothpaste that promotes your oral health. When brushing your teeth, you do not need a large amount. A pea-sized amount should be sufficient. A 45-degree angle is idea for cleaning the gum line as well as the surfaces of the teeth. Children have many toothpaste options. It is a good idea to choose a product made especially for children. It is recommended that you brush your teeth for about three minutes.

Choosing Your Toothbrush

There are many toothbrushes available for different types of teeth and gums. Toothbrushes generally have about 2500 bristles arranged into tufts. A smaller head on a toothbrush enables you to reach the back of your teeth and other hard-to-reach places. Handles vary in width. Choose a thicker or thinner handle, depending on your preference.